Cosy Nook Rock #2

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Jul 272012
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Same view – different picture.

Its interesting that I like 2 totally different takes on the same thing. Colour vs B+W, Action vs Mood, Fast shutter vs Slow shutter.

Which one tells the story?

The other thing I (re)learned was that its all about the light.

For most of the time we were there the sky was dark and completely overcast. All the pictures I made then are in the reject bin. But when a gap appeared in the cloud cover, so that the rock was bathed in sunlight, the scene came to life.

The image isnt about light but the light is necessary to tell the story.

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  3 Responses to “Cosy Nook Rock #2”

  1. Light is number 3 in my questions to ask, light quality, quantity & direction. We all see a different story in both images & it all comes down to our life’s experiences,where we have been, what we have seen & who we are. For me I see this image as being stronger as a B&W but that’s just me, it still has to be a great colour image to be a good B&W. You can feel the power of the water as it hits the rock. Nice image.

  2. I agree with you about light and how it can transform a scene / subject from the very ordinary into the magical. I think that sun+light is very similar to people+light. If the sun can make such a transformation on something by allowing its light to shine on it, imagine the possibilities if people allowed their own light to shine on everyone / everything they came in contact with. What an awesome change that would make to the world.

  3. Your right light is the key for a good image. I was told early on, look for the light, then look of the picture

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