Macetown Autumn – Anne Johns

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Jul 262012
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I’d never been to Macetown but it was always on my ‘bucket list’!
We made the journey from Arrowtown by 4WD, 15km each way up the rugged track which includes crossing the Arrow River about 33 times.  Thankfully, the river was low.  Our driver informed us he sometimes crosses when the river is up to the window of his vehicle!
 Once a bustling gold-mining town, Macetown is now a Department of Conservation Reserve ….a ghost town!  I had expected much more….the remains of many more of the historic buildings but we were told they have all been removed. Other than the restored schoolteacher’s cottage and some bits and pieces of rusting mining equipment there is nothing there.
It was a peaceful sunny day.   I wandered among the groves of exotic trees planted by the miners …..sycamores, cottonwoods, poplars and hawthornes.
These are the living legacy of the people who lived and worked so hard here in this remote area of Otago.
They spoke to me of their golden past and whispered in the gentle breeze.

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  3 Responses to “Macetown Autumn – Anne Johns”

  1. Welcome Anne, Macetown is a great place, been in there where the water was over the bonnet of the truck alot of fun. Nice image

  2. This is lovely Anne, Undoubtedly there is still gold there.

  3. Love the golden luminous feel about it Anne. You found something where you expected more, and made magic out of it.

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