Snowy Outlook

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Jul 232012
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Another day in the mountains, enjoying our beautiful country. We plugged our way through knee-deep snow to reach the top & this was the view we got, well worth the hard work. I suspected that it might be a great day so I took along my wide-angle lens & my full format camera, really glad I did. This is a 6-image stitch.

Your goal should be to trust what you feel & constantly strive towards personal excellence & elegant performance. When your effectiveness becomes effortless, your images will move the viewer solely by the power that caused you to be moved” by Vincent Versace

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  3 Responses to “Snowy Outlook”

  1. Stunning view Scott – in images like this part of the appeal is that the viewer can feel the effort that went into getting there

  2. Thank you Ian.

  3. Yes, I’d like to see it print big. I don’t think my iPad is doing it justice.

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