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Jul 222012
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Simplicity, the art of being simple.

The key to photography?

Sometimes life is complex and just too fast for us all to cope with. Who hasn't felt like just getting off the merry-go-round that is daily living and just stop for a while.
I have been lucky enough to have done this and got away to Te Anau more than once in the last month. It really has got my creative juices flowing again. It has also really let me take that step off the treadmill and slow down a bit. My life appears to be taking a totally different and very exciting new direction and this break couldn't have been better timed.
I came to the conclusion that photography trips are best shared with good friends and good whisky and that the quality of the images that can come out of these trips is irrelevant. The upside of trips like this is that the inspiration that the collective group has rubs off and that a by product of this is that the imagery improves. I know that sounds backwards but that's just the way it is.

I have to thank Ian Walls and Graham Dainty for their inspiration and good humour, it was a great week!

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  1. Photography is inherently a lonely pastime, good on you for having like minded people to travel with especially into such a beautiful area, good whiskey must have helped:)

  2. Ferg, you have touched on something incredibly important. Oliver Wendal Homes said “i would not give a fig for simplicity on the near side of complexity but i would give my right arm for simplicity on the far side of complexity”. It is pure joy to arrive at simplicity after wading through the complexity. If you are like me you ask yourself why i could not see that simplicity without going through all that stuff beforehand. What i have found is that the simplicty beforehand is usually simplistic and the simplicity after working through the complexity is refined. The journey is worth it.

  3. Simple but not shallow

    You have nailed it here Ferg

    And yes it was a great week – a break from normality that i really needed and enjoyed. We could even invite Bruce next time…….

  4. You do simple so well! It’s the quietness you achieve that gives the work it’s sense of calm. A lovely reflective feel to this work.

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