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Jul 202012
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This is weird reducing my images to a number

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  1. Pauline I’m not sure that I understand why you want to reduce it to a number.
    Seems that you are refusing to give even a hint of what you are thinking by titling the image.
    I get that you want me to,interpret the image in my way and not necessarily yours. I’m going to do that anyway but for me art is about messages. If an artist doesn’t want to say anything specific but instead wants to challenge of disturb me then I often won’t bother.

    I like this though. It is a little different to the usual autumn “blurry” in that it speaks of chaos and transformation.

    • When I first started thinking about not putting a title to an image so that the image itself stood alone, I thought that there was some merit in that idea. Now that I have had a play with the idea and thought a bit more about it I have come to the conclusion that the image is to music as the written background is to lyrics. Or seeing all the unknown people who pass me in the street. If I stop and talk with someone who gets my attention there is usually a very good reason for doing so, or sometimes a friend will fill me in about just who or what that person is about. Then they become much more interesting and I interact more strongly with them. And you guys are correct, I think people like hearing stories, it’s a connection thing. And yes, Ian, I did know that you would always be able to think for yourself and make your own mind up.

      • I like the music analogy. When I think about it I take almost no notice of the words in many songs. However, when I do think about lyrics, that adds a depth to the whole thing. Even when I dont listen to the words I prefer that there are some rather than a pure instrumental. Thanks Pauline

  2. I have to agree with Ian in some of what he says, but it is still up to the artist if they want to title an image, often too let the viewer come to there own conclusion can have the desired effect or not, sometimes they walk away disappointed or they like the option of making their own title up.

  3. I kind of like the number. I know that on the 30 th of April 2012 Pauline experianced this. A moment in time.

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