Cosy Nook Rock #1

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Jul 182012
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Cosy Nook was anything but cosy.

On the South coast not far from Riverton on this particular day the winds made a Wellington gale feel like a sea breeze.

We had trouble just standing.

It was fun just watching the waves crash over this huge rock. I ended up laying on the ground behind the car with my tripod as low as it will go to avoid getting blown around.

I made 150 odd images – some with shutter speed as fast as I could get, some long exposures with ND assist.

There are 2 images that I like. Is that just hit and miss photography?

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  3 Responses to “Cosy Nook Rock #1”

  1. I would call it image harvesting, sometimes the weather dictates what you can do, & you can only do what you can. This image for you captures the emotion of the day.
    #1 of my 5 questions I ask before I press the shutter is; What has moved you to take out your camera & move you to consider pressing the shutter.

  2. This looks very familiar to me, I don’t know where from.

  3. Really good image. I think you have captured this old rock weathering the onslaught. Sometimes you need to spend the time to make 150 images to learn about your subject. Pretty short time when you think about it.

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