The great debate – Reatha Kenny

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Jul 082012
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Some people think film is dead, old hat, a thing of the past. And maybe it is and maybe that's where I like it.

While everyone else is worrying about the latest gear and what software to own, I'll be different. I'll get on with creating work that kicks arse on film with a camera that went out of production in 1957.

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  3 Responses to “The great debate – Reatha Kenny”

  1. Welcome Reatha, nice image & good on you for sticking with film. It is a different medium to express your art. It is a great debate ,the thing about digital is that it is easy, you get instant results & if you dont like it or you get it wrong doesn’t matter you just delete & try again, sorry you can not do this with film, you got to get it right in the camera first time.

  2. Welcome to aGathering Reatha and thank you for a thoughtful image.
    In the end it’s all about the image. How it gets there should never be our consideration. An image such as this should be enjoyed for the quality within it and for no other reason.

  3. Hi Reatha – thanks for joining us at aGathering.

    For me its all about the end product. If this is your end product then, for you, film certainly “kicks arse”!!

    The lighting, his grip on the chair and his expression add tension to this so give it a great edge.

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