Water Tanks

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Jul 072012
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If you were to turn the camera around 180 degrees, you would see the sunrise over some distant mountains covered in a dusting of snow. The specular highlights on the base of the tanks are testament to that orientation. But I was glued to these two beauties and could not be paid to take notice of any other scenery. It probably took me 2 hours all up to wrestle this image to the ground, both technically and mentally.

This is my understanding of the Otago landscape. People forge a living by farming in this immense space under inspiring skies. Keep your snow covered peaks and winding rivers which require mental erasure of all signs of man, I'll take the industrial beauty of fortitude to make it in a hard land.

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  2 Responses to “Water Tanks”

  1. This is one of my favorite images of yours. Layers and layers of intrigue for me.

  2. David, your story is great one. The way you have isolated the silos in the bright sky surrounded by heaviness works very well. Hope you don’t mind if I explore one aspect a little further though. Given you want to really convey “fortitude to make it in a hard land” I think you need to make the silos look small and isolated in the immensity of the landscape and sky. This, in my view is compromised by the connection of the higher silo to the dark cloud, which makes it part of a much bigger body rather than small in its own right. I would be interested to know if this little (but in my view important) detail is of significance to anyone else.

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