Girl with the pearl necklace

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Jul 042012
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This was originally done for a hairdressing competition & left in colour. The apprentice who done the hair won apprentice of the year so she was very happy. I always saw it as a B&W as I do. So I recently loaded it onto my Apple Canvas & played, I had a nice little whiskey on the side, some female blues in the background, I cleared my mind of all the days rubbish & I got into the groove, once I felt the creativity starting to work I just let it, I got out of my own way & I played.

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  3 Responses to “Girl with the pearl necklace”

  1. I like this one Scott.

    It has a soft timeless feeling about it

  2. You did her justice.. The blues filtered through to the mood. Have you entered it Internationally?

  3. Hi Lynn, yes it got an Acceptance on its first outing:)

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