The Blind Juggler

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Jul 032012
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At the moment it seems that I'm running round like a chook with its head cut off trying to keep all the balls in the air and not drop one. If one falls it feels like they will all fall to the ground and I will be in the $%&@ up to my ears.

Why does life get like this at times?

The fun side of me enjoys the challenge but when I'm reliant on other people to help me keep the balls in the air that's when it becomes annoying. I want to bite them but I have been informed that this isn't always the best way to get results.

How do I develop the skill to worry about what I have control over and also be able to get other people to deliver what they have promised in a timely manner?

I guess that's the question with no answer………

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  6 Responses to “The Blind Juggler”

  1. I can truly relate to your words, Ferg. It ain’t easy mate – one day you learn how to just let it happen AND HOPE that it does. And then you remember the people you can depend on!

    Life gets like this sometimes because we are impatient to get things done and not everyone has the same agenda that we do!

    Sounds like you need a bit of that not too late night whiskey when you are next in these environs! Hope you like Islay malt!

    Someone once said to me that he who has too many balls in air has balls up ! !@#$%^&*

  2. I’ve recently had a discussion with someone who did their PhD on stress; specifically eustress as opposed to distress. The Cliff notes summary is that we all function better with some positive challenge, but as that increases too much, we lose productivity. On the flip side, we are equally unproductive with no challenge to engage.

    A lifelong struggle to find the optimal level no doubt. Time management books galore, new years resolutions to do less for others and more for ourselves… But rarely with changed results. I also struggle with this affliction and wish desperately to find the balance point!

  3. I hear you Ferg. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I enjoy doing what I do. Doesn’t always work. An important thing to remember is what is the alternative. Having nothing to do is not so flash either.. Keep juggling.

  4. Offer to mind a couple of friends puppies for a while – it will make your previous problems seem minor!! 😀

    By the way – LOVE the pic.

  5. I can’t help but feel I might be one of those people affecting your balls, Ferg! No pun intended. 😉 As to your questions …..
    1. Be concerned and be responsible only where you are solely or jointly responsible for the outcome.
    2. Give others the responsibility for their own actions, or inaction, instead of you feeling the stress where it need not be yours.
    3. Remove yourself from the equation where you are not adding value.
    4. Prioritise.
    I remember one instance, many years ago, where I got really stressed out over getting everything completed for a project. There was too much for me to do, and I ‘broke’, and a couple of kind (and wise) people on my team packed me off home, having ascertained what had to be done and assuring me they’d look after it. When I came back a couple of days later, none of those ‘urgent’ jobs had been done. And the world hadn’t collapsed. Everyone was still alive. I was getting stressed about things that should have been done, not things that had to be done. You might find you can set aside some of those balls and pick them up again later too.
    BTW – your informer was right about the biting. 🙂

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