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Jul 022012
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  6 Responses to “Gulls”

  1. Wow Tim this is a very interesting image. Not commenting on it just gives it moe intrigue I think.
    Love to know the technical details at some stage over a whisky or two 🙂

  2. one of my fav’s 🙂

  3. The relative sharpness of the ghosted birds vs. the present birds intrigues me. A comment on memories in relation to actual vision?

    • Interesting thought Dave. It’s an image I know has something about it but I haven’t figured it out yet. …..The penny has just dropped. I’ve been thinking about the nature of truth. How everybodies truth is different and is only true for a moment in time. How that relates to quantum theory and our experiances of influencing our reality with our intent. So your on the money. Thanks for the Insite Dave.

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