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Jun 272012
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As part of my continued exercise to review images from my archive, I came across this evening shot of Mt. Buster in central Otago. I've liked it since day one, but have never been able to put my finger on the reasons why. It is busting (yeah, I did that on purpose) with triangles and symmetry. I have my own visual resting point, but I have no idea if it translates to other design sensibilities. Even now I struggle to identify the appeal as I do not believe it to be an emotional connection, so I will put it up for your comments. Good, boring, confusing, not worth a second look, what say you, straight up?

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  5 Responses to “Mt Buster”

  1. This should have gone up after Bruce’s post as he answers your question for you.
    This is a case of ” when it’s right , it’s right……”. You don’t need to be able to justify it to like it.
    I like it too

  2. Dave, I agree with Ian’s comments. It’s funny, when we create something within “rules” whatever they are, then it does just “feel right”. Yes triangles, but for me the spot of light on the left holds the image together

  3. Beautiful flowing lines and concept of perspetictive with the tracks in the foreground. Simple, calming and peaceful.

  4. Dave, you were there, you felt it and you made an image. Sometimes we just feel and we do, nothing else. I am very happy you can do this.

  5. Tis landscape really talks to me… One of the better ones i have seen lately.

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