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Jun 252012
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June 2005, Mc Murdo Station, Midday. But the sun has gone to sleep & we wont see it till around the end of August if the weather permits. They have to change the flag around 4 times a winter; the flag beats itself to death with the constant wind. At the end of the winter season the last flag is raffled off to the winter-over staff. I didn’t get it but I got the best life experience spending the winter on the ICE. Winter on the driest, highest, windiest & the coldest continent on the world was the best experience of my life, it changed my outlook on life more than one could imagine.
I have heaps of images that I have keep till I thought that I had the skill to do something with them. I think maybe the time has come?

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  5 Responses to “The Flag”

  1. Ah Scottie, you have brought out my pride without even trying. That piece of cloth is most resilient!

  2. They say a pictures worth a thousand words. This one certainly tells a story. I really like the images you have made on your adventures. I look forward to more.

  3. Thank you for your feedback guys glad you like them. I get cold fuzzies when I look at this image, it was a warm -45F, tropical for that time of year????

  4. I love this Scott. I can feel that cold dry wind the instant I look at the picture

  5. Wonderful emotion .. And you are a monochrome master !

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