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Jun 242012
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Why is it that we, as photographers hide away and are never happy to come out from behind the lens and show ourselves?

Is it that we understand that the camera captures more than just our physical form. In some cultures there is a belief that having your photograph taken steals you soul as well.

I'm not sure about stealing it but there is a case for the camera exposing your soul for all to see.

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  9 Responses to “Hidden”

  1. Just simply that I don’t like seeing myself – nothing deeper than that. Like to image that I look better than I actually do!! 😀

  2. I just don’t like it as It may break the lens that simple.

  3. I like this one of you definitely your best side.

  4. Ferg, you have left a lot more room in this image to listen than to speak.

  5. Last one was me. I think that we all make self portraits of ourselves in all the images we make in that they express our view of the world. Maybe that leaves a literal self portrait as a rather confusing thing.

  6. I agree with Tim. Each of our photographs tell the world more about us that any literal self portrait could. I recall one of my early learnings about photography – the lens looks both ways and the direction back towards the photographer is most revealing.

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