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Jun 222012
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This image belongs to a series I have done on feathers.  If you are lucky enough to catch the light on the breast feathers of a pukeko, take a long look.  The surprising colours that are there are worthy of your attention.

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  10 Responses to “Pukeko”

  1. Pauline this is just magnificent, would look great on metal and up on my wall. Best I get on of your images before you go to New York and become super famous!!

    • I know I catch myself being despondant about much of my work, and wondering if I will ever develop a voice of my own, a mastery that satisfies me or some stamp of authority that says “Achieved” . For me this is one of my images that gets a tick in all of the boxes above. But then sometimes we’re allowed to be a little biased.

  2. Pauline you see some simply amasing things in feathers.

    There must be birds lining up outside your place wanting to be photographed.

  3. Great image.
    Colour is what impresses me first. Then the lines that then create shapes. I love abstract, so open to any interpretation.

  4. Same as what they all said! 😉 Seriously tho – stunning image

  5. Pauline, you have a very gifted eye and need not search for a voice. The range you have shown in your posts is impressive, but the most amazing part is that you nail it in any style.

    Your consistent message of beauty is the key, not the pitch or tone or color or frame in which it is delivered.

    • Thanks for that Dave. I do find myself jumping around into all kinds of ways to use the camera. My upcoming posts take me into a new way of trying to comment on things I see

  6. I too love the colour. Individually different colours But also the intertwined, random but not random pattern that has been affected by some external force. Bright stands twisted together. Perhaps like us.

    • I hadn’t seen that aspect of the strands twisting together like people’s lives. That’s a basic underlying theme for me, funny how I didn’t actually see it in this image, maybe that’s the subconscious thing that we keep alluding to about our images being a reflection of ourselves. I love your insights Tim, they always make me think “Oh yes, he’s so right.” Love it.

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