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Jun 202012
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I went up the hill to find some windswept totora trees – no surprise there I can hear you say!

At the top windswept was an understatement.

With my camera on a tripod, which was weighed down as much as I could get it, I experimented with various shutter speed to try and get some movement in the grasses.

The feeling of the wind is there in the image, but it's easy to look past it to the bay beyond. I think this  is an example where a title is important. Had I titled the image “Towards Port Levy” then a viewer would be encouraged to look at the view and miss the feeling.


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  4 Responses to “Windswept”

  1. Wow! You got it, Ian! It’s like you’re standing in the middle of a fast-flowing river. While the beautiful background is half of the image, I spend more time ‘playing’ in the flowing grasses. I like!!

  2. Beautiful Ian. Agree with your comment about the title too – shouldn’t be everything but can often change the meaning or the way we view an image.

  3. I can definitely feel the wind! It’s hard to get tussocks just right but you have nailed it.

  4. I particularly like the perceptive effect of the clouds and grass channelling the wind.

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