Moody Blue – Sarah Stirrup

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Jun 192012
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Congratulations. You guys have created something special with aGathering; inspirational, highly technical, fine art photography, yet full of emotion and creativity. Not being in that league myself (but working on it), this image is more of a haphazard capture of the essence of a place close to my heart. It was actually created one evening in Doubtful Sound but to me it simply says ‘Fiordland’.

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  1. Sarah, you may call it haphazard but I beg to differ. Having seen a lot more of your work than most I can see a definitive style and creativity in you that you seem not to be willing to admit too. I have spent quite a few days down in Fiordland lately and to me this encapsulates what Fiordland is all about.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us and welcome to aGathering.

  2. Hi Sarah (and Im assuming that that really is your name!!)

    Im with Ferg in that this is far from haphazard. I havnt been in Fiordland for ages so this image doesnt remind me of a specific place.

    It is more generic – it talks of being out with nature regardless of conditions or comfort. It is about being alive.

    A good and timely reminder, while I sit in my warm lounge and look out at the rain, that I will enjoy getting out for a bike ride. Perhaps another coffee first……

  3. Hi Sarah, Love it, it captures the essence of Fiordland, ever changing, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Guys, much appreciated.

  5. I love this, and I don’t care where it is. It’s intense and it draws me in, and I would love to be lost in it.

  6. I like it. . Feels like doubtful sound to me. I was lucky enough to spend a week exporing there a few years ago.
    I reason the haphazard approach is a very good one. Gets your mind out of the way of a magic picture. Easier said than done though.

  7. Hi Sarah, I was wondering where you can buy your work from?

    Thanks Hayley

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