Off Limits

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Jun 182012
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I've been browsing through some of my archives as part of a review exercise suggested in a photography book I've been enjoying. I had a recollection of this image in my head as being a good example of an image who's subject is primarily light. Once I found it and took a moment to reflect, I was reminded of how much I miss running in the Port Hills of Christchurch. This whole stretch of road is closed due to rock fall. I'm not sure you can even get through on anything wider than a push bike, and that endeavor is rumored by some of the regular cyclists at work to have a $5000 price tag if you get caught. I often look out towards the hills from work or home, but I never see them like this. They have a magic of being their own little world once you made the first steps up the slope. The day was gone and the mind was free to roam independently of your feet.

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  1. Go on Dave be bold – get back up there. You will just have to run fast and not get caught!!!

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