God is in the detail

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Jun 172012
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While I am interested in the design of buildings, it is usually an aspect of the design that catches my attention or fancy. In this case it was the juxtaposition of the small rectangular panels and the larger shapes running at various angles that attracted me along with how the light played on them. Although created some time ago this image still interests me because of the relationship of the shapes. Although quite complex many pass over it as being too simple. Because we are all different, so we see differently, and so it should be.

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  4 Responses to “God is in the detail”

  1. their is huge drama in this image for me. Wonderful dynamic oblique lines in the composition. Personally I like the stong bold solid black and it is in a good position

  2. John, I have not resolved this one yet, but there is an appeal. I particularly like the diminishing texture in the dark shape as it progresses to the single point. I also get a sense of going over the edge, but instead of falling in to the darkness, the darkness is suspended from falling. The tension and confusion are scratching my brain.

  3. I like that this doesnt fit where successful photographs usually fit.

    While a vase or pot, for example, can be a thing of beauty simply because it has a beautiful form the same is seldom true for a photograph. We seek a subject and a story in a photograph.

    This is a beautiful form and that is the story.

  4. Your composition is so , so good John, always impressive and so strong.

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