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Jun 092012
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Meet Anna (again). Anna works in a tangential support for my engineering job; she is the lead manufacturing logistics coordinator for the products which I help design. I had a first impression of Anna's personality from our work related discussions and summarily found out I was only scratching the surface once I learned she had volunteered to have her head shaved as part of a fundraising event. You may remember Anna from my Bald Passion photo. This was the before: long curly hair perfectly suited for a cowboy hat. I think the earrings are the same in both images, but carry a such different accent with the hair still attached.

This portrait is a perfect example of me being able to use the camera as an excuse to actually engage with someone a step further, something I still forget to make the best use of at times. Anna agreed to have a before and after photo taken. This before suits her personality to a tee: funny, confident, just the right amount of being opinionated and a real sense of priorities in life. She does not wear the cowboy hat to work, so I had no idea that she lived out in the sticks, was rebuilding a classic car and tended to the sheep and cattle every morning before driving in to work. Work Anna is efficient, nice, and sits at a desk. The real Anna is a lot more fun to hang out with. Once I learned that she would be game, I hatched the vision for Bald Passion.

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  1. Your two portaits of Anna would be verybinteresting to view side by side.

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