Future Shock

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Jun 052012
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I bought myself a new lens the other day, it's the best and latest. Not only is it super fast and ultra sharp it can see into the future!!!
So I was off………away to find what the future holds in the backcountry of New Zealand. How exciting, to be able to see just what the future generations of Kiwis will see and all it took was a trip to Photo and Video and the trashing on my credit card.
Having been told I should chimp less and 'see' more I took no notice of the images I was collecting at the time and got such a shock when I got home to find just what I had captured.


Is this what we are doing to our environment?

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  2 Responses to “Future Shock”

  1. creepy image, Ferg. Not one I like at all – but I suppose it does go with your thoughts

  2. I was lamenting the same endless eyesores in the Canterbury plains last weekend on a drive home from Mesopotamia Station. Flippin’ hedge rows and power poles wherever you turn. Sad but true, technology and convenience have little regard for environmental aesthetics.

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