Carbonated Drink

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Jun 042012
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We are lucky enough to spend a bit of time diving in Papua New Guinea. One of the most remote places on the planet. Interestingly some of the most diverse dive sites are old wharfs and the like. The rubbish that ends up on the bottom makes for a wonderful protective environment. Especially for young animals, like the eggs on the bottom of frame. Here the sea decorates our junk , turning it into a very funky place to live, if you are a Nudibranch ( the cool blue sea slug).

Mother nature will always prevail. She will still be here, having a good time, after the human part of nature has gone. After all, “greenhouses” are great for growing plants, …a bit of a balance up I think.

The rising carbon dioxide level in the ocean is a concern though. It increases acidity causing problems for coral and shell animals especially. So lets not turn the ocean into an overly carbonated drink before its time.

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  1. We have been given but one planet to live on, it’s about time we started respecting that and looking after it!

  2. What a great visual canvas!

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