Frosted Willow

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Jun 022012
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Or is it a Ghostly Willow?

There are probably another ten images of this tree, taken on the same club field trip.  But they’ll all be different.  I think that’s interesting and amazing.  And what’s more amazing is that none of the other fifteen photographers on the trip are in the image!  It was still, quiet, and everyone spoke in hushed tones.  If we’d spoken loudly we would have broken the spell.

I love the way the old willow reaches out over the lake, and appears to draw in the mist, to create its ghostly, crispy, white mantle.

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  2 Responses to “Frosted Willow”

  1. We each look & see with different eyes, life experiences & emotions at time of capture this is why you would have 15 different versions of the same image.

  2. Gorgeous – I love the way it seems to be stretching out and transforming into the mist.

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