McLeans Island

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Jun 012012
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This is a tree from a stand that I pass often and have seen in many different ways.

The trees are just down the road from the equestrian center where my daughter competes and trains her horses.

On this morning we were on the way to an event and we were; unusually, early.

There were patches of mist in paddocks as we approached and I knew that the sun would be backlighting this field so as we drove closer I was quietly hoping for something special. I pulled over the minute we got to the field and grabbed my camera.

“What are you doing” my mortified daughter exclaimed. “Just look at the trees, look at the light!!!” I replied, “I will only be 5 minutes and we wont be late”. As I climbed the fence into the paddock all I could hear was “BUT what if someone sees me here!!!!”……

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  4 Responses to “McLeans Island”

  1. I love this tree, on of you best tree images to me. Bet it would look lovely as a print. You do know when my birthday is don’t you?

  2. Nice & Simple.

  3. Beautiful – the colours, the balance, simplicity and the subtle detail in the background. You get such a sense of calm and poise into your images. Does being a pilot have anything to do with it I wonder?

  4. My favorite piece is the little tree in the mist on the right side. It is the perfect counterweight for the whole frame.

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