Birth of a friendship

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May 302012
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Nearly three years ago I spent a Tuesday afternoon and evening tearing around the central Otago back roads in search of something to photograph. I was joined by one side seat-driver and one back-seat driver. Everywhere we looked was obstructed by a bloomin' hedge row or a power pole. 80-90 kMh down unknown gravel roads as the magic light refused to dance with the pretty piece of land… I'm not sure if the other two poor souls were anxious about the driving, the fading light or last night's curry.

At 6:14, we finally found a spot with an uncluttered vista and planted the tripods right on the fence line to avoid its inclusion. It was the best we were going to find for this night out and we only stopped here because there was a clean landscape. Then the clouds started to come together. Then the sun got lower. Then the sky got angry. Then it was magic. The answer to the inevitable question is Yes; this is what it looked like. There is a touch exposure push to bring out the trees in the corner, but no push on the colors or saturation.

I looked at the EXIF data for the whole session. At 6:25 you would barely recognize the clouds that boiled up to this fiery display. At 6:36 they were all but gone. The photo here was taken at 6:29:56, in the middle of brilliant 10 minute display of nature in a beautiful place. I was pleased to make a recording of the sight, but even more pleased to have made a new friend by sharing the experience. This is the 10 minutes span when I got to know our very own Jenny without saying a word.

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  1. Nice, very nice, just a moment, that’s all it takes.

  2. Thank you Dave, that was one of the highlights of my week – sooo much fun with you guys racing around the backroads and then to finally get face to face with this – priceless!

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