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May 282012
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How often do we see something we would love to capture but we do not have our camera with us. I have just bought a smaller camera for travel and decided to have the smaller bag on my shoulder most of the time. So the other day as I walked back from an appointment I looked at this building in Oxford Terrace and remembered that it may be in the sights of the demolition crew. Instead of having to remember to go back some time and capture some of its features, I was able to reach into my shoulder bag, pull out the camera and make a few images. Took about a minute of my time.
It is almost like when travelling – but in your home town and part of your regular routines. I wonder if my ‘big’ camera days are numbered!

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  6 Responses to “Opportunity”

  1. what little beauty of a micro camera did you get! Great image and perspective

  2. This is a classic John Suckling picture if ever I saw one. Looks like a railway line going straight up to me.
    The NEX is a quick learner

  3. Another stunning graphic image John. I haven’t ventured into the little camera area yet but find the iphone a usefull gadget. I’ve had our 300 f2.8 “big honker” fixed to my D700 lately and am really enjoying the quality of that lens and sensor asc well as the shallow deepth of feild. I thinks thats why you will always need a “big”camera. But I dont know anything about these new little cameras.

  4. I can see more and more reason to be carrying around something light and unobtrusive. Here’s a classic example. You may never get this opportunity again. I find people are generally more and more wary about having a big boy’s toy aimed in their direction. Not to mention the shoulder and back problems I start to suffer trying to hide it in my handbag. Yes, Tim, I will always want a “big” camera, but I’m training myself to use my phone because it’s always with me, and looking for the inbetween step like the Nex or the Fuji where I feel I might be able to get (mostly) the best of both worlds.

  5. I love this shot. Well seen and captured perfectly. I have probably walked past this plenty of times and never even noticed it. It makes me feel intrigued, and yet it’s also very soothing. Interesting…

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