Christchurch Basilica

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May 272012
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I visited the Basilica several times after the Feb earthquake & on one visit the sky, the light & my head were aligned in the right creative space. I knew what I had to do as I had thought about this image for sometime, so out came the camera & I captured the images that I need to tell the story.
I introduced the images to my apple canvas & a little bit of whiskey  (good Islay malt does the trick) I finally came up with my artistic impression of the Basilica as I now see it.

The artist makes us believe that what we hold inside is possible. Or alternately the artist speaks for what is already inside of us, giving us a voice and a new way to explore what we are already feeling. –

The Artistic mind by Sandra Djak Kovacs

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  4 Responses to “Christchurch Basilica”

  1. My first reaction to this was that I hated it. The sinister treatment of what I consider the most beautiful building in Christchurch disturbed me. I grieve for buildings like this. However I then realised that such a strong reaction meant that in viewing it, it had majorly changed my state. That’s one definition of true art. Well done Scott.

  2. your grungy treatment of this devastation is highly appropriate. It makes you want to run away – so well done

  3. Eerie and spooky… and feels like a Tim Burton movie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Basilica but this image really feels like it sums up the feeling of devastation of Christchurch. A wonderful rendition of the subconscious influence.

  4. I love this,its sad and touching.

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