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May 262012
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Ive recently been fortunate enough to escape the hustle and bustle of Mosgiel……stop laughing or I'll cry.
I took a few days to travel down to Te Anau attend a Glenmorangie Whisky tasting and it was a hoot. It was at the Fiordland Lodge and that is some posh place, funnily enough we don't have anything like that in Mosgiel……that's it anymore laughing and I'm done!!!
I stayed a couple of more days and got my camera out and see if I still knew just how to use it. I was lucky enough to be staying with Sarah, Dave and Chalky. They are wonderful people and Sarah is one awesome photographer so the pressure was on.
Friday was spent on the Milford Road by myself in blazing sunshine just finding my way round my camera.
Saturday Sarah took me out with Graham Dainty and Rodney Adamson. Shit now the pressure was on there is three awesome photographers and me. We went to an abandoned farmhouse, I had to be blindfolded and have a sack put over my head as this is there most secret location. I can understand why they did this as it was brilliant.
I had seen a few images they had produced the night before through a well used whisky glass and was really determined to try to get something a bit different from what they had shot.
 I thought “That's easy they are awesome and I'm rubbish it will come naturally!!”
It's really difficult to see through your own eyes after having seen brilliant images of the location you are in, the urge to replicate their work was enormous. I started to get back into the swing of things, you know when time seems to stop and you are so absorbed in what you are doing that nothing else matters. I haven't felt that in a very long time.
This image is one from the day that I took my fancy.
Thanks to Sarah, Graham and Rodney for an awesome day and a huge amount if inspiration.

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  8 Responses to “Solo”

  1. I look at your image Ferg and have a strong desire to want to put someone on that chair. It shouts “Sit on me!!” and from out of the darkened edges viewers have an opportunity to stare at that person sitting on the solitary chair.

  2. Great colours Ferg. the dominance of the plain rectangular red wall contrasts so well with the detailed and busier carpet – is excellent. then of course there is the empty chair. i hope you have another shot with you sitting on it – but wait a minute would you have had a tripod.

    Glad you had a good ‘photography’ time.

  3. Very strong image Ferg. I like the “in the spotlight” effect you have created and the fire engine red behind the hot seat. Can’t think of the right word, emergency , danger, seem to negative but that urgency is conveyed . Making images like this you can hold your head up in any company.

  4. Ferg. There is one thing that your history (that I am aware of) in photography and in this group shows and that is that your images are also awesome and definitely NOT rubbish. The problem is that we always compare our images with other people’s and assume that ours are not as good because we like the other images better and wish we “had done it like that”. Our images are just different. Everyone says that we make photos for ourselves and if others also like them or approve of them then that is a bonus. So don’t put yourself down – and stop laughing at yourself!

  5. Blimey, thanks for referring to me as ‘one awesome photographer’, though it is of course, true….. 🙂

  6. Ha!!

  7. Thank you Barbara for your truths. About Ferg and his talent, and about the way we view our own work. Fergus, dunno whether it’s the place I’m in at the moment or what, but the striking thing for me in this image is not the colour, even though it dominates, but the chair sitting empty, squarely below the noose of the light cord. This scene hits me on very many levels – Once I’ve absorbed the chair/light cord relationship then the colour starts to impose. The shouting colour, the blood red, and red and blue veined carpet. Suckerpunch. Did you watch that first? A very strong image.

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