The Mighty Ocean

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May 252012
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The mighty ocean
There was a little wave…
…. afraid of dying…
…. being smashed on the shore…
But then he heard…
“you are not just a wave,…… but part of the mighty ocean”
Looking through some old images for something to post this leapt out at me , as these things do. For me at the moment… very relevant. My late wife's mum died last week, someone who had been part of my life since I was seventeen. Ann's Dad is not well too. So thoughts of crossing over the line between this life and another lead me to this image.


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  5 Responses to “The Mighty Ocean”

  1. So sorry to hear that Tim. A rough time ahead for sure.
    I love water images and find myself being drawn deeper and deeper into this. Nice job.

  2. I love it when an image made some time ago which was overlooked at the time suddenly speaks.
    This one really works

  3. Tim, this is an amazing image. It made such beautiful sense to me to see it. To be able to capture, visually, an understanding or wisdom you feel you have gained is indeed a humbling thing. You have done this so well, I identify strongly with what you have created here.

  4. Beautiful image and beautiful sentiments behind it.

  5. Tim my first impression each post is via my phone – so, small and cropped vertical until I can turn things around and resize. This felt like spirits pushing up to the sky against a wall holding a “reality” in check. I love what you do with the water.

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