Tui’s Cloak

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May 242012
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I am fascinated by the form and function of feathers, they are so beautiful, so exquisitely patterned and coloured.  They reflect the hand of a master craftsman.

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  7 Responses to “Tui’s Cloak”

  1. And you have done them justice. I can say no more but hang my mouth open in awe at the beauty before me……..

  2. beautiful selection of what to show and what not to show – the shape and form of the wing in the photo is wonderful.

  3. Beautiful & Simple but thoughtful.

  4. I’m with Ferg, Awesome. So this is one of your paintings. I’ve just had another look over your website, beautiful , beautiful work Pauline. for anybody who hasn’t already had a look.

  5. Gorgeous – colours, background and texture. Love it. Wish I could do it.

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