Wiggly Wiver

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May 232012
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Some images are for memories

I’ve never stood on the banks of this river, but this view of it reminds me of the incredible experience that led to my birds-eye view of it.  In early 2011 I was a volunteer hut warden on Stewart Island.  I spent two weeks at Mason’s Bay, and (because they were doing other work at the time) they choppered me in and out, from Oban.  This is Freshwater River, which runs into Paterson Inlet.


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  1. You are right Vicki, some images are for the memories. I like Ian’s idea of thinking about the audience for our photos. It is very valid to decide that some images are for our own memories. Other times we craft them for a wider audience. All are valid.

    This is an excellent example of dramatic meandering.

  2. this may be for memories and as john says that is a really great reason to make pictures.

    But it is more than that. I find it a wonderful story abot slowing down and enjoying the ride. The water knows that its got to go to the sea but its finding this valley a great place to meander and make its own memories. Something we could all aspire to….

  3. I guess photographs can be different things to different people and more than one thing too. I dont need to share that mermory to enjoy this photograph. I love the wiggle of the curve anf how you have placed it in the frame and well as the pattern and colour of the vegetation. And I agree with Ian’s comments, It seems to have a lazy enjoyment about it.

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