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May 222012
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Another from the tree set.

This image was made on the same day and only a few Km from the last one. But this is a very different tree in a very different environment so to capture its “essence” the photograph I made was also very different.

Within this patch of beech forest, wet from recent rain and with shafts of sunlight briefly pouring through the canopy, magic seemed not only possible but very likely to occur.

Thankyou to those who supportively commented or rang me after my last post. Just to make things clear, I am not disheartened by having my work rejected by the honours board just a bit disappointed. I am pleased that I submitted because without that submission I would not have made the work that I will be exhibiting.

Now that I understand the unwritten criteria a little better I will only make another honours submission when I happen to produce work which matches the “rules”.


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  7 Responses to “Paradise”

  1. You really are at one with the trees arent you Ian. You are our own resident druid.
    Keep it up im really enjoying your trees series.

  2. This is excellent work Ian, as was the last one in this series.

  3. This one is special.

  4. I agrre with John, as special one.

  5. that triangle of green closest to us is so feathery and light. It is all beautiful and gentle and the selective focus (however you have done it) is superb

  6. So delicate – those feathery branches and the big solid dark trunks behind. I’m definitely with Ferg on your druid influence!

  7. Love the soft feel here and love the three dimensionality created through using advancing and receding colours. I’m sure the judges will catch up with you next time you go for your F. 😉

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