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There are some images, that, no matter how many times I look at them or how long ago they were made, I am still drawn to them.  I might see something I hadn’t noticed before, it might bring back a memory but mostly, I am content to know that it still brings me pleasure.
I made this image in 1984 on slide film when I was working in Tanzania, but the same family unit, wearing more or less the same clothes, could have been made last week – the image is timeless.   The only difference might be that the little girl isn’t holding a sack to receive the monthly family ration of maize flour from the Red Cross.  Perhaps that is why I am still drawn to it, provoking memories of where I was at the time – both physically and emotionally, along with a sense of wonder at what happened to that family.  Perhaps most of all it is the composition itself that still pleases me – a moment in time, so simple, but
I am not involved in club competition photography, however, I usually submit some images each year to the PSNZ National Exhibition.  This is the only image which I’ve received more than an acceptance for, it won a Silver Medal.  It was icing on the cake for me, but it would still be one of my most favourite images – with or without its Medal!!
I have had this image hanging somewhere in my house ever since it was framed (indeed still in its original frame) some 25 years ago.  I loved it then, and I still love it now. 

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  8 Responses to “Mother with child, Tanzania – Meg Errington”

  1. This image also draws me into it. My eye roves over each of the individuals, I wonder how their lives will pan out, I look at the way they relate to one another and make an assumption on knowing their character from the pose they hold. I notice their feet and how they rest on the ground, the small holes in the dress, the bautifully clean skirt of the mother, the sheltering provided by the fabric. It is indeed, Meg, an example of why we love to present our images for others to view. Welcome to aGathering.

  2. Great picture Meg. Their eye lines and stance are fasinating. You as the photographer are very much part of the picture. I think, perhaps, that is what it is all about.

  3. A timeless image, so powerful, no wonder it did so well. I’m left with the desire to know just what happened to the mother and children. What did life deal to them?
    Great image, it’s great to have you as part of our family Meg.

  4. This moment in time shows that you have always had a great ability to see and catch the moment – the emotion – especially when you can see the eye contact between you (out of frame) and the two smaller children – and remember that this was in the days before auto focusing! Wonderful image, Meg. You are not just a great a nature photographer, but also a super people photographer

  5. Something moves us to press the shutter & capture a moment in time, you were emotionally moved to capture this image, I can see why it is a very emotional image of this family, thank you for sharing your work with us. 🙂

  6. Love the dynamics – where the attention of each person is directed.

  7. I see something new each time I return to your image, Meg – there are so many stories within its borders, it’s hard to imagine the multitude beyond, even without the time dimension! It’s no wonder you still love it!

  8. Thanks for your comments Pauline it was challenging to come up with an image that i felt i could share with such an inspired and artistic group.

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