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May 202012
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I have been recently reminded that everyone sees things differently. This is not earth shattering news, but a useful thing to remember as an amateur photographer. I find it a challenge to reconcile my way of seeing things while wandering through an exhibition, whether it is a solo artist, small group (such as this one) or a large number of individual images. Many will be far above my level of skill or depth of understanding. Some I will just not get at all despite the praises heaped on by others.

The reminder has come with a resolution to learn to see again; disposing of the desire to create a masterpiece with the camera in hand. Rather I hope to dedicate as along as it takes to learn and refine my own visual vocabulary. I like symmetry, design and graphics. I like sharp. I can't see color well. I don't do blurry. I shall apologize in advance for the visually basic images that may show up on my rotation here at aGathering, but I invite your comments on my journey back to visual basics.

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  7 Responses to “Urban graphics”

  1. What !! you don’t do blurry… mate you don’t know what you’re missing.

  2. Visually basic Dave? How about strong, clean and powerful. Less is more.

  3. Im with Tim – nothing basic here at all.

    I find it fascinating that I went on the same walk at the same time and saw nothing like this at all

    • Nothing fascinating about that Ian, you just forgot to look with soft focus eyes at the same time. Gives you nice blurry visions.

  4. Golly these posts disappear quick when you don’t get to check in every day! Having only cellphone hotspot is not conducive to a long and considered look and reply. I looked at this when it came up but needed to think my way through your words. Anyway I think what you’re doing is great, and a large part of what this group is about – we wanted something to challenge our creativity – in whatever form that comes; often it is as much a reaction against something we see as for it. No harm in that either. It’s all refining our own vision and voice. I see this as a place to share our experimentation as much as show off award winning images. I am delighted that we don’t all see things the same and fascinated that our way of seeing is so much in tune with our self at any particular part of the journey. Nothing wrong with linear and sharp and graphic! And it is so “you”, no disrespect intended. In your work I also see a subtlety that picks up the most minute detail of light and form, and most of all I like the dramatic impact that your graphic influence produces. I’ll look forward to seeing the results along the way. You’ve encouraged me to put work up for more input as well.

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