Cordyline Australis vi

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May 192012
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Reading recently Syl Arena “LIDLIPS – Lessons I Didn’t Learn in Photo School”, Amongst the gems that resonated was the one that said “send your photos out into the world without you”. He elaborated by suggesting that not writing about your work was a good thing; letting the image speak for itself. Difficult for one who has to explain everything to everybody, all of the time…
…Here it is.

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  1. I recently gave a talk on titling your images , creating a title for an image is as creative as making the image,sometimes it is good to not title your image & give it to the viewer to decide for themselves what they see, even the famous artists used to do this. If yoyu have done a good enough job producing your art work then it will stand on its own when presented to the world , you have done this here, interesting image, many thngs I see.

  2. Graham Sydney said a similar thing at the Invercargill conferance. And Scott is correct that the logical continuation of this is “Untitled” for everything.

    But Im not sure I agree.

    To me its neither a good nor a bad thing – just one way of viewing it.

    Often on aGathering our stories dont solely relate to the images. They are complimentary and perhaps only refer to each other.

    The only time I find words a problem is when they get in the way of a viewer looking at the image.

  3. The trouble with you Jen is that you can take both options so beautifully.

  4. For me I think the right words can help communicate what the artist is trying to say. The whole being much more than the sum of the parts. I note that the posts so far are about the words, not the image, so perhaps words do get in the way.

    As for what I get from this image. It seems like a rectilinear, man-made thing, shattering the natural pattern around it. Unsympathetic both physically and spiritually. Up close on the screen it is rather disturbing but standing back from it, it appeals in a deco kind of way. Perhaps that is significant. Your building a great cabbage tree series Jen .

  5. If you were introduced to a person who had grabbed your attention and had the chance to shake their hand wouldnt you want to have a conversation with them and hear what they had to say ??

  6. This is great! So good to get some discussion going like this. My “story” added to this image may have got in the way of your individual perceptions. I’d far rather hear what people had to say when they’ve had dialogue with the image themselves… (or any other thoughts that are stimulated along the way. Keep it coming!

  7. My comment isn’t as an artist, I just think that your choice of Cordylinus Australis is brilliant and that you have have worked a fascinating subject well (that no one else has even noticed).

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