Old Wolseley

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May 162012
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I found this old car abandoned, behind a wire gate, unable to escape and continue along its journey of life and it got me thinking just how many of us get trapped behind the same metaphorical gate that's stopping us from being able to carry on with life but we find we are unable to continue because of various obstacles placed in our paths.
Maybe we should all adopt the same attitude as the Wolseley would if it had a choice in the matter, accelerator hard down and just blast through the obstacles.

There is free air at the other side……

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  4 Responses to “Old Wolseley”

  1. I am always amazed at how you can find an appropriate life situation to fit an image that most of us would just walk past and not make. A great metaphor and a well seen image

  2. Ferg, just yesterday Patti and I were with a mutual friend who was talking about how, whenever he kept putting off something, he would ask himself what was blocking him from moving forward. When he could identify the block, he nearly always found a way forward. Maybe it is opening the gate, or driving out another way, or asking someone else to help, or …

  3. Good words and image. I like the full throttle approach. A thought; often those barriers are initially put here by our selves, like the gate, for misguided reason of protection. Fear being the main culprit.

  4. Then again Ferg. your Wolsey may actually have put itself behind that gate and might be peering through the wee holes with absolute relief. We all need some sort of security blanket or bolt hole, so I see that car of a certain age being more than contented to just watch the crazy human world rush past. It may have even felt alarm when one of the proton like humans stopped in front of it’s haven to just stare in with a huge unblinking glass eye.

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