The Crossing

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May 152012
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The place where we cross from one world to another……
The line….
….. markers.
…… Sunrise……. Sunset.
…… the mighty ocean.

I have a set of images made at this location that I feel very honoured to have been given. I made them one morning at Hapuku, north of Kaikoura. A very special place. I have heard that it is a special place in Maori spiritual belief, I need to find out more about that. It is a place were we often stay in our camper truck. The first couple of times I stayed there over night a friend died that night. At that time I knew a lot of people going through the cancer journey. One in particular resulted in a huge southerly thunder and lightening storm that came up from Christchurch and went out to sea here. That happened at the time David died. I found out later that David was drawn to this place. He was also a photographer and had made some beautiful images of signs and the Kaikoura coast up by nin's bin. So I just realised that I am referencing his work here. David, my late wife Trace and I spent many hours talking about life and particularly death while they got there chemo. Something I am eternally grateful for. So this ones for you David.

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  3 Responses to “The Crossing”

  1. very powerful Tim.

    I saw a quote the other day which reminded me of your work….

    “One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are” Minor White

  2. very moving words AND a well constructed image.

  3. Hapuku was a very special spot for David, thank you for this, very beautiful and from tne heart.

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