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May 142012
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Over the past year I have listened to many debates that challenge my understandings of a topic or situation.  I have been seeking a validity, a clarity in the arguments put forward so that I can see where the truth lies.  I find myself suspecting that in many cases,  the orators wear many masks that they use to conceal an open and honest viewpoint.

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  1. Your words are very thought provoking, Pauline. Those masks could be similar to the protective mechanisms we put around ourselves to hide from the things that upset us. It can sometimes be difficult to get close to people because of this. Your image is very well created – but a little disturbing too, I think

  2. Great concept and a great truth. Sometimes more deliberate than others.

  3. Interesting. I agree with Barbara. We all have levels of masks that protect us and the world from us. It’s when people use masks to cover up or deceive the problem starts.

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