Droplets of Sunshine

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May 132012
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When is an image perfectly focussed?

I have a new toy – a lens.  I took it to Dunedin when we visited Nancy.  I had a few minutes and sat down in her warm, sunny lounge to take it through its paces.  When I pointed it at the little bright lights reflecting off her 70s-décor, brown, patterned glass conservatory walls, the lens was set to manual focus, and was focussed elsewhere, and I smiled.  And I played.  And this is the result.  And it’s perfectly focussed.

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  4 Responses to “Droplets of Sunshine”

  1. Life is indeed what you focus on. Like it

  2. Very cool – Im interested to hear more about this magic “lens”

  3. Gorgeous! Shame it doesn’t appear to rain like that.

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