Truth Tree

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May 052012
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The ripples on the water distort our perception of the tree when compared to our perception of the tree as viewed through clear air. Which is the true image? Both are equally true. Both are accurate observations of light that has been reflected from the tree, travels a different path and perceived by our eyes and brain. If the air was foggy our perception would be different. Our reality is dependent on our position, what is between us and the world around us and which way we chose to look. I prefer the distorted view of this tree.

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  1. Oooh I like it Tim. No great philosophy attached to my comment, I just like it. You beauty!

  2. I am loving the use of Nature’s liquefy filter! I get an immediate sense of life and personality (though not very inviting) for the tree. Your observation of our own viewpoints to the same physical object has a resonance with me as well. Nice work Tim.

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