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May 022012
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Its that time of the year again……


I love the glow of autumn leaves that is all around us right now. Wherever I go there can be a pleasant surprise around any corner as a tree in someone's garden is full of colour. Then a few days later it is another's turn

Although I often feel drawn to photograph the leaves the results do seem a bit the same.

As John said to me the other day “sometimes as photographers we can be rightly accused of overstating a visual scene. But at other times it is impossible to even get close”.

So this year I have tried something different with some leaves. I have looked at a leaf in isolation. I collected a few “in colour” leaves from around our garden, took them inside and looked closely.

This one is from our fig tree.

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  1. That is a fair bit of wisdom from John, and I shall remember it. Interesting to see you move from single trees to single leaves. I commend you on your alternate approach and look forward to the results.

  2. Autumn leaf colours can be so exquisite and deserving of celebration and attention. What a showm and all for free, for those who have eyes to see. As Goethe said, “colours are the deeds and sufferings of the light”…so true

  3. The lighitng is interesting and subtle

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