May 012012
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The wind in the sails of my photographic journey seems to have blown me back into a port I had long thought abandoned.
“I didn’t know you did portraits,” Ferg said, when I told him.
Well, actually, Ferg… you probably don’t know this, but my photography mentor for 20 years,, Richard Poole, was one of the finest portrait photographers in New Zealand. One of the Old Masters. He didn’t do babies or children.
Or weddings for that matter…
Suddenly opportunities to make portraits have begun to emerge. And I maintain that there is a glorious moment in a sitting, where both photographer and sitter let down their guards, and something eternal makes itself known. And that the formal portrait is still one of the highest forms of photography. Ever.
David and I are close friends. He has been suggesting for years that I should join Alf’s Imperial Army. When I get my Roger Fenton frock coat, David..
He agreed to dress in Edwardian gear for me (he wore it to our wedding), and I wanted to make a portrait of him that reflects a certain timelessness I sense about him, a feeling that he has been and done all that, that nothing is new, but that he Is having fun for all of that.
And it is wonderful to be back in a port I had long ago thought abandoned, and catching up with old friends.

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  3 Responses to “Its curious how the wheel turns – Tony Bridge”

  1. Its a timeless portrait really lovely.

  2. Hi Tony. I noted your reference in your blog to LED lighting and portrait photography. I have been reading up on LED’s and thinking about the opportunities they provide without too excessive an expense. Portrait photography, I think, differs from other forms in that it is not passive. It involves the interaction of two parties at close quarters. Assuming good technical skills, the quality of that relationship must affect the outcome. Be interested in your comments on that some time.

    Great image – love your attention to detail to give it the appropriate context.

    John S

  3. I was lucky enough to hear Dick Poole talk about portraits. He said ESP is the key. Expression Sells Portraits.
    The expression that sells the Edwardian idea here starts with the props but is really sold by the position of Rogers hands, the angle of his shoulders and the front on pose.
    Nothing accidental……

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