The Queen

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Apr 292012
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We have been through some major changes over the past 12 months (well, compared to those we know living anywhere but Christchurch), brought about by a realisation that with our brood all finally off doing their own thing we were finally free. Free to make choices that were not tempered by the needs of dependents in the short term.
So we got up and ran. Ran before they could find some other reason for us to stay. Ran before we forgot that we could run.
The first step was accepting a job in Te Urewera, Ruatahuna. And discovering over the 9 months that it wasn't about the work; or even running away.  We learnt some fundamental truths there about humanity and life itself. What was really important. We discovered the incredible warmth, hospitality and resoursefulness of people living in an isolated environment, who are not owned by their possessions. Who have such a deep and personal relationship with the land. Who look forward generations, walk with generations past and act for the greater good. We learnt that living very simply was extremely satisfying and gladly accepted the freedom offered.
Bouyed by this experience we accepted work further afield; in Taranaki; a choice and lifestyle made so much more enjoyable and easy because of the lessons from Te Urewera.  With minimal possessions life is much simplified. It is easier to stay in the moment. To take pleasure in each minute. And here and now to appreciate the Queen for who she is. She found us, and has already shared lessons. A grand lady in her younger days, madeover 30 years ago in an effort to stay attractive to those who care, and now, although aged and jaded, quietly confident in her faded elegance.
She's housed happy families, of that I'm sure. There is a good feeling here. So many relics of our past. Curved steps. Fruit trees. High light switches and door handles. Non tinted glass. Minimal power points. Crystal light shades. And venetian blinds. Light and shadows filtering through, playing flickering faded movies on the bedroom wall. Reminding. Reminding.

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  3 Responses to “The Queen”

  1. Jenny, the story makes interesting reading but I just like the image. An aged and rusting catch for a door lock contrasted with soft and dreamy backdrop. Very nice.

  2. Jenny, I love the sentiment and the graphic aspects of the design. I look forward to seeing more portraits of the Queen.

  3. Well said, Jen, and well seen. I think that what you are doing is much better than living in a mobile home – at least you stay in the one spot and enjoy the place and space

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