The Wall

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Apr 282012
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If I make an image with a wall in it then those who know me would expect some geometric patterns, shadows etc. Maybe that is why this caused me to pause long enough as I walked past to capture an image that was not my 'usual”. Sometimes, as Ian and others have said recently, we need to get out of our own way. In this case it was a case of capturing something opposite to what I might normally do. There is no single answer to this business of making images.

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  1. Oh, you are so right John; and this is a very good reminder for all of us (and me, particularly) to keep exploring and trying new things, even if it isn’t “us”. Tell me, did you process this much to bring out the face?

    • Jenny, i processed it a bit to make the face LESS obvious – to make it more grungy. I wanted it more subtle.

      • Well to me that face is definitely “in your face” and NOT subtle. I shudder to think what it really looked like. Quite scary.

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