Kaikoura Dawn

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Apr 232012
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… and the joy of being lead by the unexpected.
This is the last of a series of images that had started an hour earlier, when I’d used a torch to find my way down to the beach.  An hour that ended as the sandflies arrived, and the tummy rumbles became rather insistent.  I’d been capturing the movement of the water around the rugged rocks of the Kaikoura coastline, but as the sun rose I could no longer get the movement I was looking for, so I re-thought the opportunity and captured this image by panning the camera. 

It took several goes to get one that worked.  Looking back made me recognise how much I enjoy the immediacy of digital photography.  When I’m ‘playing’ I love looking at the results to gauge the effect I’ve created and to work out what I need to adjust to get closer to the result I want to achieve, and sometimes that’s a moving target, lead on by the unexpected.

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  4 Responses to “Kaikoura Dawn”

  1. I really like the simplist and the colour of this Vicky. I couldn,t agree more with your comments about the immediacy of digital photography.

  2. Love this Vicki – colours are gorgeous. I agree wholeheartedly about being able to see and fine tune as you go; definitely improves the learning experience.

  3. This image feels goods, simple but with thought.:)

  4. The simplicity is just beautiful

    I think that what is important is that creativity is a process. Each step grows from the one before it. The immediacy of digital helps by allowing a big part of that growth to happen while you are “in the moment”.

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