Sundrenched in Tairua – Al Ronberg

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Apr 212012
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There is something about that ole burning ball of Hydrogen and Helium that we spend the vast majority of the year spinning around… It has the power to change a family trip into a fantastic memory, or by it's very absence, turn a holiday into a nightmare.
I love the cyclical nature of the Sun. Whilst I felt the need to try and capture every single photon of light I could this weekend as the short days of winter approach… the very fact that there will again be a sunrise tomorrow morning means that I know summer will soon be with us again… Growing up in Central Otago kinda spoiled me a bit with long summer days… playing cricket in the back yard till well after 9 at night… Dad wouldn't even get home from golf till after 10, although I am not entirely sure that was to do with the length of the day…
Wherever you are at the moment, my hope is that the approaching winter isn't too glum… that the hope of a beach and a bach (or a crib for us Southerners) is never far away and that whatever the weather, the people in your life will keep you warm and cosy!

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  6 Responses to “Sundrenched in Tairua – Al Ronberg”

  1. Great post Al and welcome to aGathering. Where would we be without the sun, its not worth considering really.
    Appropriate considering just how good the weather we are currently having across the country at the moment.

  2. Hi Al,

    If this is the view from your crib then you are a lucky man.

    I love the playoff between the pleasure boat and the working boat both basking in the sunlight

  3. Welcome Al and thanks for your time and energy in posting for us, its great to have other creative thoughts and imagery to inspire us all.

  4. I think this just warmed my cold office up by about 3 degrees. I love all the broken ‘rules’ here!

  5. Thanks guys… was a lovely evening! 🙂 Was in Pauanui where they call cribs baches… a great spot and a great time – still lapping up this Autumn Sun!!! 🙂

  6. Well written, lovely thoughts.

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