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Apr 192012
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Unmistakable in her full and fecund bloom, exuberantly reminding us of glorious abundance; dancing, fiesty and frenzied, with the whipping wind, never bowing completely to Tawhiri, whatever the pressure. Supple and strong, a guiding presence to all who see. I am Ti Kauka. I am woman.
And one day; over. All over. Spent.
Ripening of seeds, season after season, has taken its toll. Standing tall, bearing the weight of years, has taken its toll. Energy shared, and passed on; given gladly, willingly, and unselfishly, finally is diminished. Withering slowly away, leaving earthly trappings spirit moves back to the light. Just a husk left to slowly decay, transforming through the seasons and memory into a rich and lifegiving humus to gently blanket and sustain a new generation. Te Kauka. I am woman.

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  1. beautiful image, beautiful colour, great composition and just wonderful well thought words, Jen

  2. I keep coming back to this Image. Very interesting and wonderful words. I can’t help but notice the new shoot. While the time of reproduction is complete, a new shoot is emerging continuing life in a new direction. Still alive providing shelter for the newly sprouted life on the forest floor.

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