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Apr 162012
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It was an interesting comment Ian Walls made on my last image that stirred this post. This is a view that many many people have seen. I know of two other photographers that were within 20 meters of me when I captured this for instance. There would, I'm certain, have been many many more down on the beach photographing it as well.

The question is how many of us REALLY looked at it?
How many of us observed the beauty of the colours, the glorious reflections and stood in wonderment taking the time to considering what we were witness too.

Very few I would bet!!!

From time to time we should put our cameras away and take the time to just look, smell, taste and feel what we are looking at. I'm sure that not only would we then make better images of what we see but we would be better people for the experience.

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  4 Responses to “Last Light”

  1. Love it Ferg, so rich, so velvet, so sacred. I wasn’t on the beach that day but I think I know what you saw thanks to your masterful capture of the image. Wow.

  2. I was one of the 2 photographers within 20 meters – I was looking at the same thing but I didnt see the same thing!!!

    Ferg – I agree and really looking hard and seeing what is before me before I pick up my camera is something I have been trying to do more of.

  3. Whats important is what YOU see. Your lucky enough to have great vision. Or a great vision. I agree the “looking” is so important . Most people don’t .

  4. These last few images have amazing power and depth. Making a wonderful collection here Ferg!

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