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Apr 142012
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One of the things I love about this group is how I am challenged to explore areas that I don’t feel very competent in.  Scott has shared some beautiful black and white images with us and has also given me some pointers on the art of black and white image making.  Soooo, I tried out what I had learnt with this image. 
Interestingly there have been several layers of understanding attached to it.  Again I am reminded of how our images reflect what makes us tick.  Scott has said that a good black and white image tells a story and I have my own version of the story for this image but wondered what “story” someone else would tell – so I sent the image to one of my sons.  The following email conversation went as follows and I was surprised at where it ended up and the responses it elicited:

Pauline wrote:
A pop quiz for you.  What story does this image tell you?  – I took the image on my way home  yesterday when  I  called into my friends art studio.  (my friend is NOT the artist shown here !!)

Son wrote:
It tells me that the kid has some big shoes to fill

Pauline wrote:
Whose shoes do you think they are that she might be filling??

Son wrote:
I assumed the shoes of her artist mother

Pauline wrote:
A fair assumption, – if you look at the image again and let your mind see again, maybe another layer of seeing, what do you see ??

Son wrote:
Sometimes when you have to reach the top of the painting you have to have help?  the painting the girl is doing looks kinda like what your “abstract” photos would look like if you took a photo of the scene out the window.  as you can see I never was any good at English/art history analysis essays :/

Pauline wrote:
Actually you are very, very good at reading people and situations and I have grown to love your wise hand on the captain's tiller. You steer your ship well.   Love you.

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  7 Responses to “Shoes to Fill”

  1. Love it, for me it says “if mum can do it so can I, so I will wear her shoes, sure to help. Lovely detail in the little girl, might be inclined to crop it a little closer to add to the little girl in the image but thats just me.Glad I could have been of help. 🙂

  2. To me it’s about potential and some of the things that influence that. First of all extending to the edge of your reach. The tube, scroll on the ground, knowledge available? learned? Discarded? And the ruler, right brain stuff. The chair behind, who sits there? A guide? A rack of tools available. The window to another world, interesting angle of the light there , almost looks like the light is coming out of the earth. The window extends out of top of frame to infinity. Very very well done Pauline.

    • Wow Tim, sometimes its eerie the way someone else sees exactly what you see yourself. Thank you for posting those comments – you’re wonderful

  3. Pauline, this is my favorite aGathering image to date. Full stop. I’m going to sound like a dickhead by saying that I wish you could clean up the window a bit, but only because that is the last hurdle to this being a national salon gold medal winner. As the others (and your son) pointed out, this is a multi-layered image that can engage anyone and everyone. I would pay money to hang this on my wall. Gorgeous.

  4. The more you look the more there is to see.

    I love that this group is making me better at looking at images by expressing many different viewpoints.

    For me this picture is a wonderful expression of the pure joy of creativity. I cant help but smile

  5. it’s all about emotion and connecting with the viewer – and this image (whatever it’s flaws might be) certainly does that. Well seen and the moment will now live on forever.

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