Waving Grasses

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Apr 132012
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What is it with grassy fields?
It seems to be a common occurrence that I find myself capturing images of something out in the ‘wilds’, but I keep being drawn to the grasses in front of me.  I have so many of these images and rarely do anything with them.  I find them so pretty – they dance around in the wind; they’re an ideal candidate for a short depth of field, and often a slow shutter speed too.  Unfortunately, I suffer from hay fever so they’re not so popular for a summer’s day walk with bare legs.  Achoo!!

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  3 Responses to “Waving Grasses”

  1. Nice.

    Vicki, I feel the same way. Have not sorted out how to satisfactorily approach the subject though there is an image I have sent in already that combines grass and some will red flowers. Given the amount of tussock on and near my home, I may explore that aspect.

  2. Lovely image. I find grasses fascinating too. They are somehow soothing and relaxing, but never boring. Never the same, intriguing.

  3. Vicki, I shall also admit to loving the grass. I do not take many because I am drawn the mesmerizing waves that roll through a field in a gentle wind. Those mid-distance effects just do not translate to a still. But the near-field capture you have shown here does conjure memories of a good walk on a simple day. Thanks for opening the door to revisit a spot in my own mind.

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